KhoPhi Photography, who is behind?

His name is Rexford Nkansah, a Senior Web Developer by profession, and a professional photographer

What specific services do I offer?

All wholesome, sensible forms of videography and photography services, including but not limited to:

  • Wedding photography & videography
  • Nature
  • Portraits
  • Photoshoots
  • Events coverage i.e conferences, meetups
  • Wildlife
  • Travel
  • Sports etc

Can you use any of my photographs?

Yes and No!

Yes, after you’ve acquired a written consent from me. Keyword is, Written Consent. All photographs of mine are copyright protected.

No, if you do not have a Written Consent from me to use.

Do I sell my photographs?

Yes, I do. Some of them. You may find the ones on sale at 500px

Do you handle all types of events?

Not all types of events. If your event falls under any of these specific categories listed below, please do not contact me:

  • Funeral
  • Birthday Parties
  • Outdooring events
  • Other religious specific events, such as, Easter and Christmas.

Other than the above, you’re welcome to get in touch.

My prices are cheaper, relatively, why?

My pricing scheme is an hourly based one. Therefore it is easier for you, the client to figure out exactly how much you will have to pay. Very transparent and easy to comprehend.

Below is a breakdown of the factors per my pricing scheme, so you know exactly what you’re paying for:

Pricing pointRemarksPrice in USD
On site shooting presenceI take about 30 to 50 images within 1 hour25
Photo editing/retouching4 photos per hour retouching. 5
Equipment maintenanceFor all my gadgets25
TransportationThe cost of me to and fro event site.10
Online private album storage5

With the above pricing table in mind, let’s consider a few examples and how much the client stands to pay

A Pre-wedding Event with these requirements

  • A two-hour event = (2 x 25) = 50
  • 20 processed images requested  = (20 / 4) x 5 = 25
  • Equipment maintenance = 25
  • Transportation = 10
  • Online private album storage = 5

Total cost is therefore: 115 $ which in cedis (at the time of writing this), is 552.00 GHC

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