About Me

I am a Senior Web Developer turned professional Photographer. I’m from Ghana and love to travel and take beautiful photos of great people, events and nature.

Hello there,

My name is Rexford Nkansah. I am a Senior Web Developer, who’s been into building web and mobile applications for years as a professional, enjoying the art of photography along the lines.

For many years, photography using my smartphone was all I wanted to, and have taken more than forty thousand photos with my various cameras, including point-and-shoots and smartphone cameras.

I recently took photography as a profession seriously, and thus KhoPhi Photography.

KhoPhi is pronounced ‘Kofi’, which is a default name given a boy born on Friday, as a tradition in Ghana.

I love photography and videography, and happy to document the uplifting memories you make, with you, together.

My YouTube Channel features my adventures, travels, tech videos and tutorials, with a Patreon page to support the channel as well.


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