‘Nhyira’ means ‘Blessing’

They say, ‘The beautiful ones are not yet born”. Maybe not. We’re all beautiful in our own unique ways.

I challenged myself to capture Nhyira, whiles she had her natural hair dressed. Nhyira’s hair length is more than one could say about about the average Ghanaian girl. Silky smooth and strong, it is unlike other similar 6 year olds.

Nhyira, is a Twi word, which means, Blessing in English. Her immediate younger sister is called Professor, and the youngest, Adepa (meaning ‘Good thing’)

Nhyira’s hair is a center of attraction in school among her fellow kids. To keep her friends from, out of curiosity and awe, play with her hair, Nhyira’s mum braids her hair, keeping the outlook simple and easy-going.

Shea butter is the go-to cream applied to Nhyira’s hair, since she was very little, and it’s worked so well.

As Nhyira go her hair done – enduring some pain in the process – I floated around, trying to capture her ordeal. The mood is lightened often as jokes are cracked, in order to keep her at ease.

Below are some photos from our photoshoot.