Photography Packages Discounts for Until end of 2018

Checkout our until end of 2018 pricing scheme.

$ 480
Engagement + Pre-Wedding + Wedding


Our affordable Wedding Photography packages are priced with you in mind. KhoPhi Photography provides pro photography at a price point affordable by all.

All our Wedding Packages include a free private online accessible album of all photographs.

You may request framing of your favorite photos as a separate pricing

$ 170
Up to 4hrs of photoshoot ■ Up to 50 Post-Processed Images
$ 90
Up to 2hrs photoshoot ■ Up to 20 post-processed images
$ 250
Up to 6hrs photoshoot ■ Up to 75 processed photos
$ 480
Complete Wedding Package
Up to 150 processed photos
$ 50
Per hour


KhoPhi Photography will be there to capture each moments expressions and intrigue of the audience at your conference/event.

$ 50
Your Event/Conference
$ 40/hr at your event + $ 10 (for transportation)
$ 130
Up to 3 hours session (Recommended)

Baby Photography

Aaah! Those happy smiles and weird but cute facial expressions! KhoPhi Photography’s attention to such details and more makes up for an uplifting photos that make for a lasting memory.

Up to 3 hours photoshoot session

$ 130
One kid
Up to 35 processed photos
$ 150
Up to 50 processed photos

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